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The canvas of

Our canvas is compact, high-quality 100% environmentally friendly oil canvas, which is designed to withstand folds and is strong enough to withstand the weight of mosaics without problems, even in larger designs.

Our competitors use low-quality vinyl or synthetic laminated canvas, which is inferior in both appearance and durability.

The stones - mosaics of

The stones of are made of epoxy resin size 2.8 mm. They have a unique design with 26 different surfaces that reflect light and create an incredibly impressive end result.

This makes our mosaics unique and much better than those of our competitors.

The glue of

The glue used by is our high-tech formula, created by industry experts, especially for Our mosaics do not fall and the glue makes our gluing easy. Competitive products have problems with glue and poorly designed joints.

It is also important that in larger designs, the glue may not be able to form a strong enough bond with the base and the mosaics will fall off over time.

The printing of

We use patented, highly developed printing technology that ensures that Tapiseri.GR products are printed evenly and with incredible color combinations. Our printing is waterproof, stain and fade-resistant, and non-toxic and environmentally friendly inks are used for printing.

Competitive product printing is not permanent and is not waterproof, fades in sunlight, and is easily scratched on the surface.

Quality assurance and safety

We take quality and safety very seriously and pay close attention to toxicity obligations. We use only first-class materials that have undergone rigorous testing in our production, so you can be sure of what you are buying.

Every component in our kits is tested and independently certified to comply with EU regulations. This means that our kits are made only from high-quality materials and are safe to use.

Quality assurance only from