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Diamond Paintings

Diamond Paintings

Diamond Paintings

Diamond Paintings

Diamond Paintings

What is a diamond painting?

The diamond painting is a combination of cross stitch embroidery and painting by numbers. You use an applicator to apply hundreds of shimmering resin crystals, one by one, onto a self-adhesive canvas with color codes. The end result is a bright, shimmering work of art. Each piece can be framed and hung in your home or office, gifted to a loved one, or left for you to enjoy.

Tools and materials

The kits contain everything you need to get started. Here's what you'll find in our kit: canvas with a sticky layer over the scheme, applicator pen, tray, wax to easily catch crystals with the applicator pen, and colored epoxy pebbles. 

Choosing the best kit for your skill level

We offer round diamond kits that are great for beginners. More advanced crafters will enjoy the larger square sails. Round diamonds are easier and quicker to place on the canvas, while square diamonds have a snap feature that allows the diamonds to fit well without gaps.

You can also purchase a set with a theme you like. offers many themes for everyone to consider! We have everything from classic landscapes to inspirational quotes, from abstract artwork to portraits, and a variety of eclectic visuals that span multiple categories. Plus, there are plenty of accessories to customize. 

How to paint with diamonds

To get started, open your canvas and place it under something heavy, like a stack of books, for a few hours or overnight. This will help straighten it out. Once it's straightened, spread the canvas out (preferably on a mat with an LED light), then peel off a small section of the protective covering to work on a small area. Be careful not to remove it all the way as this protects the sticky part. Now you will start working with the pebbles. Use the code chart on the canvas to match the symbol with the corresponding color code on the diamond, then find the corresponding bag of diamonds. You can select any bag of color to get started. Pour some of the diamonds into the tray, then gently shake the tray back and forth so that they settle face up. This will make it easier to pick out the diamonds with the applicator pen.

Next, take the diamond applicator pen and dip it into the wax a few times. Do this until the tip has some wax. Use the pen to pick up a diamond pebble and place it on the corresponding symbol and continue to add the color you are working with to the canvas. It is not necessary to dip the pen into the wax each time you take a diamond as it will stick for quite a while before you need to dip it into the wax again. When you have finished the first section, peel off another section of the covering and continue with it until you are finished. All that's left to do is put the frame on and display your work!

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We offer you the unique opportunity to order a diamond painting based on your own photo. Isn't it great? A photo of your family, child, pet, your lovely cottage or even a childhood memory can shine on your wall...there are no limits, the choice is yours. You order and we fulfill. The diamond paintin..
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