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About Us

About Us

About Us

If you've ever wondered who was the first to market the diamond painting in Bulgaria and the Balkans in general, wonder no more -it's us! For over 10 years we have strived to offer the highest quality and best price, all the while enriching and expanding our catalog with beautiful and meaningful designs.

We are the largest online shop in the Balkan region for diamond painting and numbers painting! 

We draw inspiration from the greatest manufacturers and discoverers of these products to keep up with innovations in production technology and the quality of materials. Our customers are always reached by-products made especially for them, which are not sitting in warehouses and are fresh and freshly made, especially for them!

We offer different types of diamond painting:
  • Standard
  • ECO diamond painting
  • ECO crystal painting
  • ECO painting with AB drills
  • Illuminated diamond painting
  • ECO painting according to customer's photo, individual design made especially for you without size restrictions.

Bear in mind that all types of ECO paintings are made with the highest technology materials, 100% oil canvas, epoxy resin pebbles with 26 sides, for more shine and rich colors that give a realistic image to the picture. The canvas is waterproof and crease-resistant, the glue is stronger to prevent the pebbles from falling off over time, even on the largest tapestry sizes.

On our online shop, you will also find the best quality paint by number paintings - linen canvas with 30% color print for easier painting and no eye strain, water-based acrylic paints, and harmless. You can choose from a wide variety of lovely landscapes, beautiful flowers and still life, or your favorite animals, or send us a photo of you and we will create a paint-by-number painting of your individual design with no size limit.

The goal of Tapiseri.GR is to make each of you experience the opportunity to create something beautiful and feel like a true artist. Our idea is to help you recreate and repeat every beautiful memory a favorite photo from your vacation, the most important day of your life, the birth of your child, your wedding, or any of your favorite and dear moments! It's up to you to choose how to do it through a beautiful ECO diamond painting or a paint-by-number picture. 

What could be more beautiful than reliving the good moments with your loved ones and making your loved ones remember the moments experienced with you!

We recreate the best of your life!